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Short Film
The Loneliest Number
image movie

This is Sandcastle’s extended version of our short film entry this year into the 24-hour Film Race. The shorter version of this film was selected for the Vancouver Screening for the competition on June 28th, 2012, and won 4 awards there including ‘Best Makeup’ (Dallas Harvey from Vancouver Makeup and Effects) and ‘Best Sound Design’ (Michael Gyori and Jay Lee). This version has about 1min and 40 seconds of scenes that had to be cut in order to make it into the time limit for the competition.

  • Directed by
    Michael Gyori/
  • Written by
    Jason William Lee/
  • Produced by
    Dalj Brar/
  • Makeup by
    Dallas Harvey/
  • Music by
    Luke Neumann/ Footage Firm/
  • Edited by
    Michael Gyori/
image character
David Jardine
Gary (the troll)
image character
Stephanie Johannesen
image character
Taylor Patterson
image character
Jason William Lee