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Feature Film
The Evil In Us
image movie

Six friends venture to a remote island off the Washington coast to celebrate the fourth of July, but their expectations for a harmless weekend filled with fun and partying goes awry when one of the drugs they take spawns a horrifying trip filled with chaos and murder.

Only the friend who refused to take the drug is spared and she must now fight to stay alive as everyone around her, including her fiancé, attempts to kill her.

Her only hope may be a rookie detective who has been on the trail of the sadistic right wing terrorist organization that secretly engineered this bio-active drug that transforms everyone who takes it into ravenous psychopaths.

  • Writer/Director
    Jason William Lee/
  • Producer
    Dalj Brar/
  • Executive Producers
    Horatio Kemeny/ Michael Gyori/ David Abousaffy/ Justin Livingston/
  • Director of Photography
    Cole Graham/
  • Production Designer
    Nataliya Fedulova/
  • Music
    Sam Levin/
  • Sound Design
    Christopher Clark/
image character
Debs Howard
Brie Armstrong
image character
Danny Zaporozan
Steve Ridley
image character
Behtash Fazlali
Bash Gill
image character
Ian Collins
John Wheeler
image character
Marina Pasqua
Roxanne Boucher
image character
Kylee Bush
Trish Walker
image character
Robert Leaf
Elias Cob
image character
John Gillich
Jake Strudwick
image character
Gary Starkell
Raymond Ford
image character
Jerome Velinsky
Rick Evans
image character
Tatyana Forrest
Zoe Kieslowska
image character
Tirra Dent
Sarah Raven
image character
Patrick Gaites
Roy Collins
image character
Bechy Hachey
Dr. Amy Nichols
image character
Gabriel Carter
Officer Mitchell
image character
Dayleigh Nelson
Officer Drake
image character
Max Teichman
image character
Matthew Mihaichuk
Caged Man
image character
Amanda Cryer
Caged Woman
image character
Gabriel Hamilton
Vincent Crow
image character
Dawn Williamson
Elias Cob's Wife